You may come to Caleta Azul Hotel with the only purpose of resting or enjoying a wide variety of activities in the surrounding areas will make your stay an unforgettable experience:


Join in daytime and nighttime adventures in the virgin forest of the mangrove swamp, forgetting about time and distance, living the extraordinary experience of having contact with nature, its flora and fauna.

Paseo ecologico manglar guatemala


Dive into the sea of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, discovering the mysteries of two sunken ships, the color of the corals, and the rich diversity of marine species.

We have a staff of certified divers that will lead you safely. Discover in a different way diving in open waters.
Buceo en guatemala

MFishing expeditions and maritime-watching

For fishing activities, the coast of the Pacific Ocean of Guatemala is very rich in species such as marlin, gold and sail fish. We have shark fishing boats and expert captains that will provide you rods and live baits to make of this activity a real adventure.

Moreover, we organize group expeditions in boat for humpback whale-watching.
pesca oceano guatemala

Turtle Release

Share with your family the excitement of this activity releasing turtle hatchlings that were declared in danger of extinction. Your children will learn that these released turtles will, once they become adults, return to this same beach to lay their eggs, and that in this way they will keep the ecological line of conservation for this species of turtles.
Liberacion de tortugas marinas en Guatemala


Venture yourself in an intimate and personal twist into the canals and passageways of the mangrove swamp navigating and exploring in kayaks; come into direct contact with the solitude and beauty of the tropics turning this adventure in something memorable and worth to remember forever.

Kayaquismo en playa de Guatemala


In the beaches and the canal, especially on this island located in the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is Caleta Azul Hotel, abundant in marine species and songbirds.
Getting up one morning with binoculars and a good camera will be a wonderful experience for those who love this hobby.

Avistaje de aves guatemala
Contact us for more information regarding these and other activities available at the hotel and its surrounding areas, as well as the best time for each of them.

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 Romantic Events

Make the dream of getting married a reality, having the sunset as the landscape surrounded by wonderful cloudscapes.


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